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Before it was called the Super Bowl, the NFL's championship game was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game for the first two games. The name Super Bowl was put into use for Super Bowl III.

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Q: What was a football championship called before the superbowl?
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How many super bowl has eagles won?

They have yet to win a superbowl. But have won a world championship. Which were called that before the term superbowl.

What year did the lions win the Super Bowl?

Lions have never won a Superbowl but they won the NFL championship before it was called the Superbowl.

What is the championship game for the NFL called?

It could be "NFC" championship, or it could be the "Superbowl" depending on your meaning.

What was the name of the competition before it was called the Super Bowl?

Today's Superbowl was fomerly known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game .

What where the games called before they were named Super Bowl?

The AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The Superbowl's official title remains The AFC-NFC World Championship Game.

Teams who have won the Super Bowl once?

you may not believe this but the eagles did win the super bowl before it was called the superbowl it was called the championship so yeah they did win it.hope i helped

How many championships do Kentucky wildcats and North Carolina tarheels have in ncaa mens basketball?

Kentucky has 7 Total (1948,1949,1951,1958,1978,1996,1998)North Carolina has 5 Total (1957,1982,1993,2005,2009)...but they also had a pre NCAA Championship which means they won before it was called a ncaa championshipex. like the browns won the championship before it was called superbowl.

Is Derby football club in the premiership or championship league?

Derby or the Rams as they are called are in the championship league.

Canada's national football championship is called?

The Grey Cup

How many Super Bowls have the Detroit Lions win?

Yes, four times when the Superbowl was called the NFL Championship Game.

What NFL team has the most championship wins?

The Steelers have 6 Superbowl wins.AnswerSince the beginning of the NFL in 1920 (it was called the American Professional Football Association then), the Green Bay Packers have won 12 championships, the most of any team.

What was the name of the trophy before the Lombardi trophy?

I was called the NFL Championship Trophy and it's currently housed at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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