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Overcomes polio considered the fastest runner in the world in the 1960s

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Q: What was Wilma Rudolphs greatest accomplishment?
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When was Wilma rudolphs born?

Wilma Rudolph was born on June 23, 1940.

What year did Wilma Rudolphs die?

Wilma Rudolph died on November, 12, 1994!

When and how did Wilma Rudolph's father die?

Wilma Rudolphs father died in 1961 from getting stabbed

What is Wilma Rudolphs birth place?

Clarksville, Tennessee

What is Wilma rudolphs favorite subject?

cooking cookies

What was Wilma rudolphs hair color?

her hair was red

What is Wilma Rudolphs mothers name?

Blanche Rudolph

What were Wilma Rudolphs siblings named?

john johnjr johnjrjr

What was Wilma Rudolphs education?

She received a full scholarship to Tennessee state.

Who is Wilma Rudolph and what was her accomplishment?

Wilma Rudolph is a woman who was stricken with polio and became the fastest woman in the world and that to is her accomplishment

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What was Wilma Rudolph most important accomplishment?

She won three gold medals is the olympics when she was presenting the united states & in my view Wilma's biggest accomplishment was when she was small and she took off her brace when she was crippled she took it of when she was in the church

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What was the greatest obstactle Wilma Rudolph had to overcome to be a world class athlete?

Wilma greatest problem was getting over polio and to get her confidence back.

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One of Clara Barton's greatest accomplishment is that she founded the AMERICAN RED CROSS .

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What is Wilma Rudolphs nickname?

her childhood nickname was skeeter and her ports names was the flash, the back gazelle, the tornado, the black pearl and the track star

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