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She received a full scholarship to Tennessee state.

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Q: What was Wilma Rudolphs education?
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When was Wilma rudolphs born?

Wilma Rudolph was born on June 23, 1940.

What year did Wilma Rudolphs die?

Wilma Rudolph died on November, 12, 1994!

What is Wilma Rudolphs birth place?

Clarksville, Tennessee

What is Wilma rudolphs favorite subject?

cooking cookies

What was Wilma rudolphs hair color?

her hair was red

What is Wilma Rudolphs mothers name?

Blanche Rudolph

When and how did Wilma Rudolph's father die?

Wilma Rudolphs father died in 1961 from getting stabbed

What were Wilma Rudolphs siblings named?

john johnjr johnjrjr

What was Wilma Rudolphs greatest accomplishment?

Overcomes polio considered the fastest runner in the world in the 1960s

What did Wilma Rudolph study?

Wilma Rudolph received a full scholarship and studied Education at Tennessee State University. She received her Bachelor's degree in Education in 1963.

What is Wilma Rudolphs nickname?

her childhood nickname was skeeter and her ports names was the flash, the back gazelle, the tornado, the black pearl and the track star

What has the author Wilma Grossmann written?

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Which reindeer is Rudolphs dad?

rudolphs dad is Justin gillette

When did Wilma Rudolph go to college?

the olympic athlete wilma rudolph graduated from Tennessee State University with her bachelors in elementary education.

What was Wilma Rudolphs school name?

Elementary School: Cobb Elementary (started at age 7) High School: Burt High School College: Tennessee State University

What has the author Wilma J Robles de Melendez written?

Wilma J. Robles de Melendez has written: 'Teaching young children in multicultural classrooms' -- subject(s): Curricula, Early childhood education, Minorities, Multicultural education, Education (Early childhood)

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Who was Rudolphs friend at the reindeer games?

Rudolphs friend was the little boy but not even a single riendeer was a friend of Rudolph.

Wilma Rudolph's education?

Wilma Rudolph was home schooled until she was 7 then she attended Burt high school. I am doing research on her for black American month at school!!!<3

Where did Wilma Rudolph receive a Bachelor's degree in education?

Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who is Rudolphs Daddy?


Who is Rudolphs mom?


Who was Rudolphs girlfriend?


Who is Rudolphs girlfriend?


Who was Rudolphs dad?