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Wayne Gretzky was known as the Great One and various permutations there of

The Great One.
The White Tornado
The Great One
Great one
the great one
The Great One

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Wayne Gretzky's nickname was the Great One.

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Q: What was Wayne Gretzky's nickname as a hockey player?
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Wayne Gretzkys personal interests?

i think maybe hockey

What was Wayne Gretzkys child hood like?

A lot of hockey

Who was Wayne Gretzkys favourite hockey athlete?

Gordie Howe

What is Wayne Gretzkys favorite sport?

hockey and golf

Did Wayne Gretzkys kid's play hockey?

no he never even marriage

What professional hockey player earned the nickname the great one?

wayne gretzky

How did Wayne Gretzky get his nickname?

The "Great One" earned his nickname from his record setting and record breaking accomplishments in professional hockey as a player.

What is Wayne Gretzkys most important accomplishment?

hockey wise I would say winning the Stanley Cup. Personally, you'd have to ask him.

Who was Wayne Gretzkys idol?

michael jordan

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