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Q: What was Walter Payton's original jersey number?
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When did the Chicago Bears retire Walter Paytons number?

In 1987 the last year he played for the Bears

Walter Lewis jersey number at Alabama?

what was his jersey number

What is Gary paytons number?

Gary Payton jersey number is 20. He was an American NBA player that played for many years, he has requested to not have his jersey placed in the Oklahoma hall of fame.

What was Walter Payton's original uniform number?

Walter Payton was a football running back who played for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League for thirteen seasons. His Chicago Bears jersey number was number 34.

What was Walter Payton's college jersey number?


Does any celtics have jersey number 1?

Walter A. Brown

What was Wayne Gretzkys original jersey number?

his original number was 9, after Gordie Howe.

What number was Walter Payton's jersey?

Walter Payton wore #34 with the Chicago Bears from 1975-1987.

What was Joe Thornton's original jersey number with the Bruins?


What number did Walter Gargano wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Walter Gargano wore jersey number 5 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What number did Walter Ayovรญ wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Walter Ayoví wore jersey number 10 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What was messi's original jersey number?

On his first goal scored for Barca he was wearing the number 30 jersey. He also appears in photos wearing the number 19 jersey before taking the number 10 jersey in 2008 upon the departure of Ronaldinho.

Why did ray Allen chose number 34 in Miami?

because it's his original jersey number

What was OJ Simpson's original jersey number with the Buffalo Bills and who wore number 32?

Jim Kelly

Why is there number 34 on the bears field?

It is there in honor of the greatest running back to ever grace the field. WALTER PAYTON! It was his jersey number.

What was joe thortons original jersey number with the sharks before he wore 19?


What Alabama football players wore jersey number 58?

Steadman Shealy, Tommy Johnson, Vince Sutton, Walter Lewis

What is the number of gory's jersey?

The number of the jersey of Gori is 7.

Who has worn jersey number 34 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Click on the link below to see all the players that wore #34 for the Steelers.

What was George chayka jersey number?

The number to George Chayka's jersey number was jean

What was tom landrys jersey number?

tom landrys jersey number was number 49

What is the jersey number of Fernando Torres for Chelsea?

jersey number 9.

Which jersey number is given to Kaka in Milan?

jersey number 22.

What is the jersey shore house number?

What is the jersey. Shore house number

What was zinedine zidane's jersey number?

Zidanees jersey number was 10.