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6 wins; 1 lose

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Q: What was Vince Young's record his freshman year as a starter?
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What was Vince Young's overall record as a starter at Texas?


Is Vince Youngs still living?


What is Vince Young winning percentage?

His record as a starter is presently 26-13, for a .663 winning percentage.

What are the salaries of the players on the Tennessee Titans?

vince youngs salary is 7 millon

What is Vince Young's NFL career record as a starter?

25-13 entering the final week of the 2009 NFL season.

Who is the best pop warner player?

emmit smith dorian bailey from chicago or vince youngs nephew from stafford

Who is the Tennessee Titans starter?

Vince Young.

What is Vince Young's record?


What is Vince Young's won-lost record?

Presently 26-13. or MY F

When will Vince Young come back from his injury?

He came back in October 2009 and is starter for the Tennessee Titans.

What defensive starter from the 2005 national championship team plays with Vince Young on the tennessee titans?

Safety Michael Griffin

What was vince dooley's winning percentage?

.715. Vince Dooley was head coach at Georgia between 1964-1988 and compiled a won-loss record of 201-77-10.