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Q: What was Troy Polamalu's real name before he had it changed officially to Polamalu?
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Who did Troy Polamalu play for before the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Before becoming a Steeler, Troy Polamalu played college football at USC. He was drafted by the Steelers in 2003.

Where did Troy Polamalu work before playing football?

Troy Polamalu was drafted right out of college into football. So he didn't have the time to work anywhere. It was just practice for the Steelers.

When did Decoration Day change its name?

It was changed to Memorial Day "officially" in 1967. It was however, called Memorial Day many years before the official change.

How many years has Troy Polamalu played football?

Troy Polamalu was born on April 19, 1981. He is 31 years old.

What is Troy Polamalus favorite food?

Troy Polamalu loves to eat fresh rainbow trout. Many Pacific Islanders eat a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids mostly obtained from the intake of lots of fish. This protein rich diet helps to atribute to the size and power of many of these players. The omega 3 fatty acids may also have some effect on the uncanny ability to grow such strong thick full heads of hair, but who knows. Either way just ask Troy rainbow trout is his favorite dish to dine on before and even after game time.

Why was Memorial Day changed to the 31st?

Memorial Day (before 1967 it was officially called Decoration Day) was observed on May 30th of every year. In 1971 it was changed to being on the last Monday of May. It was not changed to the 31st of May. Occasionally the last Monday of May is the 31st. That last happened in the year 2010 and will next occur in the year 2021.

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What college did Troy Polamalu go to?

He went to Douglas High School in Winston, OR. It's near Roseburg, OR. The mascot was ironically the Trojan as well.

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