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tim tebows insppiration is football

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โˆ™ 2012-02-16 21:43:19
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Q: What was Tim Tebow's inspiration?
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What is Tim Tebows favorite color?


What is Tim Tebows eye color?


What is Tim Tebows shoe size?


What is Tim Tebows birthday?

August 14 1987

What is Tim Tebows dad's profession?

he's a minister

What is Tim Tebows faith?

Evangilist, but he goes to a Babtist church

What is Tim Tebows record as a starter at florida?


What does Florida make?

Oraange juice, Tim Tebows, and beautiful women

What did Tim Tebows eye strip say tonight?

depends what night

Who caught Tim Tebows jump pass against LSU?

Tate Casey

What were Tim Tebows goals?

to live by god's example and to spread the word of god and having a good tim doing it

What is Tim Tebows address?

I dont know ask him yourself at 631 436 7836

What is Tim Tebows favorte food?

Beef-Flamin Popscile Sticks with extra zinc

What is Tim Tebows nationality?

He is an American born on foreign soil to American parents that are Baptist Missionaries.

Who is Tim Tebows favorite basketball team?

The Orlando magic because the heat are from Miami and one of the gators rivals is Dwight howard

What is the value of Tim Tebow autographed football?

Tim Tebows autograph is worth $300-500 depending if its on a real ncaa ball.....a game used Florida ball autographed would cost $2,000!

Who gets picked first in this years nfl draft between Tim Tebow or colt mccoy and why?

i believe Tim tebow will get picked first because colt mcoy is coming off an injury and Tim tebows new throwing motion is great.

How many times has ESPN network mentioned Tim Tebows name in last month?

Vegas has the over/under for December of 155,000 if you wanted to place bets.

How does Taylor swift get inspiration?

By Tim mc graw and by her love life

What were problems in Tim Tebows life?

Tim's autobiography indicates he had a halcyon childhood with loving stable family on a farm in Jacksonville, FL. He was a much loved child and it shows today by his incredible attitude, compassion for people and life. He had dyslexia and suffered migraine headaches.

What was Tim Tebows record at Florida?

48-7. He threw for 9,285 yards, 88 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions; his career completion percentage was 66.4. He rushed for 2,947 yards and 57 touchdowns.

Who was Tim is the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks?

Tim was Savannah's neighbour. Its Tim's brother Alan who is her inspiration to start the ranch for autistic kids. Tim loves Savannah. book's better than the movie but i cried in both :L

What year was best for the gators?

Football: I liked the 2008 Gators. Tebows Junior year

Who was their inspiration?

who was who's inspiration?...

What is taylor swifts favorite celebrity guy?

Tim McGraw as he was her inspiration. Although if you are talking about "boyfriend" guy, then the answer would be that it changes a lot, so there really is no definite answer.