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This was the line up in the Final against Benfica: Stepney; Brennan, Foulkes, Sadler, Dunne; Crerand, Charlton, Stiles; Best, Kidd, Ashton. Rimmer was an unused substitute.

There was no Ashton in the team - It was John Aston

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Q: What was The man utd 1968 European team line up?
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Who was man of the match in 1968 European cup winning team?

George Best

Has any player move from Chelsea to man united?

Alex Stepney, the Man Utd goalkeeper who played in the 1968 European Cup winning team, went to Man Utd from Chelsea for £55,000 in 1966.

How much would a man utd v benfica 1968 European cup final 45 vinyl record sell for?

How much would a man utd v benfica 1968 european cup final 45 vinyl record sell for?

How many times have man utd won the europa league?

Man utd have not won a Europa league but have won the champions league 3 times.

Did brian kidd play for man utd?

Yes. He scored in the 1968 European Cup Final for them when they beat Benfica.

How many times have man you won the European championship?

Manchester United has won: the UEFA Champions League three times: 1968 against the Portuguese team Benfica, 1999 against the German team Bayern Münich, and now this year 2008 against Chelsea! They also won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1991 as well as the European Supercup in 1991.

How many Northern Irish footballers have won the European cup?

George Best is the most famous (Man Utd, 1968).

How much is a 7'' vinyl recording of the 1968 European cup final between Man utd and Benfica worth?

A 7" vinyl recording of the 1968 European Cup final between Manchester United F.C. and S.L. Benfica starts at about £30 or about $48. The reason for this price is because it commemorates a piece of history as Manchester United was the first English team to win the European Cup.

How many times man-you won champions league?

Man U won the Champions League in 1999 and 2008 as well as winning it in European Cup format in 1968

How much is a 1968 12 LP of the European Cup between Man Utd v Benfica worth?

Between $50,000-$100,000

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Who has a better line up Celtic or man united?

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