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Q: What was San Jose State's first athletics?
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What are 3 pro sports team that end with a s?

The San Jose Earthquakes, the Oakland Athletics, and the San Jose Sharks.

What country has a capital San Jose?

San Jose is not the capital of anywhere but is in California in the United States of America or the USA.

When was the San Jose Mercury News first published?

Prior to being purchased by the Mercury, the San Jose Weekly Visitor and the San Jose News were separate newspapers. In 1942, they merged, and began publishing as the San Jose Mercury News.

What was the first pueblo in CA?

San Jose

Who first settled in San Jose?


When did the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup?

The san Jose sharks play at the HP pavilion

What nhl team joined first San Jose or Anaheim?

San Jose joined in 1991, with Anaheim following in 1993.

When did the San Jose flea market first open?

Why was San Jose chosen as a capital?

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica from 1824. In this year the first government of the republic was moved here.

What is Steve Wozniak's hometown?

San Jose , California, United States of America

How far is san mateo from san francisco?

It depends which part of San Jose you areWest San Jose from San Francisco is about 42.46 milesEastern San Jose from San Francisco is about 46.82 milesSouth San Jose from San Francisco is about 52.5 milesNorth San Jose from San Francisco is about 48 miles

Is San Jose north of San Francisco?

No, San Jose is about an hour south of San Francisco.