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Their regular season record for the 2009-2010 football season was 13-3.

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The Saints posted a 7-and-9 record during the 2007 regular season.

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Q: What was New Orleans Saints 2009 regular season record?
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What was the New Orleans Saints record when they won the Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints regular season record for the 2009 season was 13-3.

What super bowl winning team had the worst regular season record the year before they won?

new Orleans saints or the jacksonville jaguars

What is the New Orleans Saints record of 2010?

As of January 20th, 2009, they've won 1000 games.

What is the all time record for Dallas cowboys playing in New Orleans?

The Cowboys are 8-6 in games played against the Saints in New Orleans.

How many games did the New Orleans Saints win in 2005?

The Saints won 3 games during their tragic 2005 season to finish 3-13.

Who is the highest scoring NFL team in 2009-2010 season?

For the regular season, it was the New Orleans Saints with 510 points.

What is the winloss record for New Orleans Saints in the final 2006 standings for the national football league?

The Saints 2006 regular season record was 10-6. They made the playoffs, defeated the Eagles in the first round and then lost to the Bears in the NFC conference championship game for an overall record of 11-7.

Who was the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback in 2002?

Aaron Brooks started all 16 regular season games at QB for the Saints in 2002.

Who was the Colts first victory against in 2007?

In preseason, Detroit Lions Regular Season, New Orleans Saints

How many post season games have the New Orleans Saints been in?

The Saints have appeared in 9 post season games with a record of 3-6. Thay have never appeared in the Superbowl.

NFL 1999 worst record?

The Cleveland Browns had the worst record in the 1999 NFL season with a record of 2-14. The New Orleans Saints had the second worse record, finishing the season at 3-13.

Where were the Saints before New Orleans?

The Saints played in Tulane Stadium from 1967 to 1974. The team moved to the Louisiana Superdome in time for the 1975 regular season.