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No going to war

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Q: What was Muhammad Alis crime?
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What was Muhammad Alis favorite food?

what is Muhammad alis favorite food

Who is Muhammad Alis brother?

Rahman "Rudy" Ali is Muhammad's brother.

What was Muhammad Ali favorite food?

what is Muhammad alis favorite food

Muhammad alis elementary school?


How old is Muhammad alis brother?


Did Muhammad alis daughter box?


What is Muhammad alis history?

His father was a boxer

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Cassius Clay

Who is Muhammad alis favourite singer?

Sam Cooke :)

Whats muhammad alis favorite color?


What is muhammad alis family like?

Nice, generally.

Why did Muhammad alis duaghter box?

He didn't have a duaghter

What is Muhammad Ali fathers name?

Muhammad alis fathers name is Cassius marceiius clay jr.

Muhammad alis moms name?

Odessa Grady Clay

What are the names of muhammad Alis kids?

kesiana jaden rashad and alisia

What was muhammad alis boxing record?

56 wins in 61 professional fights.

What is Muhammad Alis real name?

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. and yo mamma

What is Muhammad Alis moms name?

Odessa Grady Clay, who's occupation was a housewife.

What was Muhammad Ali's accomplishments?

Muhammad Alis accomplishments were that he loved everything he did like being in the "Hall Of Fame", staying in boxing, going to the olympics, and boxing.

What was Muhammad alis most famous saying?

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

Muhammad alis better known name was before he joined the nation of Islam?

Cassius marcellus clay jr.

Are Muhammad alis parents dead?

Cassius Clay SR died in 1990, and Odessa passed away in 1994.

What was Muhammad alis childhood like?

Not much happened in his childhood, his parents were alcoholics so he couldn`t do muc at all.

What is the name of Muhammad Alis autobiography?

"Float Like a Bee and Sting Like a Butterfly" By Muhammad Ali The correct answer is actually "Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee"