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Mike Shula was 1-3 against Tennessee at Alabama. 2006: Tennessee 16, Alabama 13

2005: Alabama 6, Tennessee 3

2004: Tennessee 17, Alabama 13

2003: Tennessee 51, Alabama 43

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Q: What was Mike Shula's record vs Tennessee in his 4 years as the Alabama head coach?
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Wallace Wade, who was Alabama's head coach from 1923-1930 and compiled a record of 61-13-3.

What years did Wallace Wade coach Alabama?

1923-1930. Alabama's record during Wade's eight seasons as head coach was 61-13-3.

Who was the coach in 1926 for Alabama?

That was Wallace Wade who was head coach of Alabama's football team from 1923-1930. His record for those eight seasons was 61-13-3.

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What was Alabama coach Mike Price's coaching record?

Mike Price had no record at Alabama. He was released after Spring Practice and never coached an actual game for Alabama. Mike Shula was hired to replace him, since it was at a time of year when coaches do not change jobs they were forced to hire a Pro Assistant.

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