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Mickey Mantle's longest hitting streak was 16 games.

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Q: What was Mickey Mantle's longest hitting streak?
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Who held the longest no hitting streak?

walter johnson

What is Pablo Sandoval's longest hitting streak?


Who holds the longest hitting streak?

Joe DiMaggio

Who has the longest hitting streak in Seattle Mariners history?


What Dominican-born Expos star put together the longest hitting streak of the 1990s?

Vladimir Guerrero had a 31 game hitting streak in 1999. While it was the longest streak for a season in the 90s it wasnt longest streak of the 90s. Hal Morris, Cincinnati Reds first baseman, had a 32 game hitting streak that started at the end of August of the 1996 season and carried over into the 1997 season.

Who has the longest hitting streak in Arizona Diamondbacks?

Luis Gonzalez had a 30 game hitting streak from 04-11-1999 to 05-18-1998.

Longest hitting streak to start a MLB season?

Robin Ventura

What is the longest hitting streak in MLB?

Joe DiMaggio at 56 games.

Who holds the record for the longest LCS hitting streak?

Miguel Cabrera

Who has the longest hitting streak in St. Louis Browns history?

Joe DiMaggio

What player has longest hitting streak ever?

Joe Dimaggio. 56 games

Who has the longest hitting streak in Boston Red Sox history?

Dom DiMaggio had an amazing streak of 34 games in 1949.