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Marshall's record in 1970 was 3-6.

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Q: What was Marshall University's 1970 football record?
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Who were the the players of the marshall football team in year 1970?

Click on the '1970 Marshall Roster' link on this page to see a picture of the 1970 team and see the roster.

Was Tom Bogdan a member of the 1970 Marshall football team?

No. Tom Bogdon was a fictional character in the movie "We Are Marshall". There was no player on the 1970 Marshall roster named Tom Bogdon. Click on the '1970 Marshall Roster' underneath this answer to see a picture and listing of the 1970 Marshall roster on the Marshall University website.

Was Chris Griffen a member of the 1970 Marshall football team?

No. Chris Griffen was a fictional character portrayed in the movie We Are Marshall. They was no player by that name on the 1970 team.

Who was on the 1969 Marshall football team?

Rick Dale Tolley was on the 1969 Marshall football team. He was actually the lead captain of the team during 1969 and 1970.

Who did marshall beat in 1972?

In 1970 the entire Marshall Thundering Herd football team was killed in a plane crash. Two years later, a rebuilding Marshall football program won two games-- it's opener against Morehead State and its season finale against Ohio.

When was Evan Marshall born?

Evan Marshall was born in 1970.

When was Qarie Marshall born?

Qarie Marshall was born in 1970.

Was a football heavier in 1970 or 2010?

The football was heavier in 1970.

Where can one find information about the November 14 1970 plane crash that killed the Marshall University football team?

Click on the 'Marshall University' link on this page to go to the website run by Marshall University that acts as a memorial to the victims of the plane crash.

When was Marshall Moore born?

Marshall Moore was born on 1970-06-29.

When was Neil Marshall born?

Neil Marshall was born on 1970-05-25.

When was Thurgood Marshall College created?

Thurgood Marshall College was created in 1970.

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