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He was for it.

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Q: What was Lenins view on the November revolution in 1917?
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What happened to Vladimir Lenins body after he died?

Embalmed and placed on view.

How was Lenins view of communism different from marxs theories?

lenin believed in a small,all powerful government

How was Lenins view of communism different from Marx theories?

lenin believed in a small,all powerful government

What was Lenins original view toward property ownership?

Lenin's view toward property ownership was that it had to be abolished if capitalism were to be eliminated and socialism (and later communism) successfully imposed on the society. As Karl Marx had said the essence of capitalism is the private ownership of property. Abolish private ownership of property and you abolish capitalism. One of the very first things Lenin did after the Revolution was to abolish the private ownership of property and vest it in the state.

What is an explaination of aristotles theory of revolution?

Aristotal view on Revolution

What was William Blake's view on the Industrial Revolution?

he was amn in the industrial revolution he did not care about it

What was the revisionist view of the 1917 Revolution through 1933?

they are like a watered down version of libertarian. they believe in the perspective of a revolution 'from below' which is concerning the lower class, not the leadership position. they viewed lenin as a great leader for changing a socialist government which would have stayed around til the end of 1917. October revolution was looked at as a mass movement and the bolsheviks came to power not because they were superior manipulators or cynical opportunists but because their policies, as formulated by Lenin in April and shaped by the events of the following months, placed them at the head of a genuinely popular movement. they had Four general areas:

How did Thomas Jefferson view the French Revolution?


What was the point of view of the british American revolution?

Please rewrite. Not sure whose point of view you are asking about.

Would you agree with the view that the message of universal rights in the french revolution was beset with contradictions Explain?

Would you agree with the view that the message of universal rights in the french revolution was beset with contradictions Explain?

What view did the political parties of the US take on the French Revolution?

Washington was unhappy about it but the Jeffersonians supported the French Revolution.

What was the initial american view of the french revolution?

There was a strong political divide in the United States as to how to view the French Revolution. At the beginning, the majority perspective was positive, seeing the French Revolution as being parallel to the American Revolution. The minority perspective, which became more popular later, was that this upsurge against the traditional order was violent and unnecessary.

How did the french monarchy view the British Revolution and the American revolution?

they veiwed it as a ruining of the nation and that they wanted nothing to do with the Brittish and Americans.

What impact did the Glorious Revolution have on England from a political point of view?

The Glorious Revolution helped turn England into a Constitutional Monarchy

Will undertaker be back for November pay per view?


How did Americans view the French Revolution at first?

Many saw it as an opportunity to repay France for the support it provided during the American Revolution.

How do Americans view the Revolution in France at First?

they watch them in their LCD TV

How did the view of scientific view of nature change during the scientific revolution?

scientists used abstract reasoning to explain how something happened

Was the violence of the french revolution justified?

I don't think it was. They should have had a revolution, but killing so many innocent people undermined their point of view and all they strived for.

How did contemporaries view the Industrial Revolution?

just read your book you will know the answer :D

What was the patriots point of view?

The Patriots in the American Revolution wanted American independence.

How did Democratic Republicans view the French Revolution?

I don't know, that why I'm searching right now.

How did the loyalists view the revolution?

They went aside with the king they didnt wanted to fight with him

What difference between revolved section and removed section?

A revolved section is made by revolving a cross section view 90° about an axis of revolution and superimposing the section view on the orthographic. A removed section is similar except the view is removed to another part of the drawing. : )

What is the period of revolution on the moon?

From the point of view of a person on earth, the moon's period of rotation on its axis and revolutionaround earth are both 27.32 days.From the point of view of a person on the moon, the period of rotation on its axis and revolutionaround earth are both 27.32 [earth] days, and the period of revolution around the sun averages365.24 earth days.