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Kyle Rote #44

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Q: What was Kyle Rote's number on the Giants?
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Who is jearsey number 25 giants?

Kyle Sebetic

What position does Kyle Sebetic play?

Kyle Sebetic plays Cornerback for the New York Giants.

What NFL team does Kyle Sebetic play for?

Kyle Sebetic plays for the New York Giants.

When was Bill Rotes born?

Bill Rotes was born on 1871-06-27.

When did Bill Rotes die?

Bill Rotes died on 1934-03-07.

When was Rotes Kliff lighthouse created?

Rotes Kliff lighthouse was created in 1913.

What is Madison Bumgarner's middle name?

Kyle Full name: Madison Kyle Bumgarner (Star pitcher on the San Francisco Giants)

What number is Kyle Orton?

Kyle Orton wears jersey number 8.

What was Kyle Orton's number in Denver?

Kyle Orton's jersey number in Denver is eight.

When and where was baseball player Bill Rotes born?

Bill Rotes was born June 27, 1871, in Pottstown, PA, USA.

When and where did baseball player Bill Rotes die?

Bill Rotes died March 7, 1934, in Pottstown, PA, USA.

What is Kyle Korver's number on the Atlanta Hawks?

Kyle Korver is number 26 on the Atlanta Hawks.