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His uniform number was number 6.

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Q: What was Joe Torre uniform number as a Yankee manager?
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What number did Joe Torre wear when he managed the Braves?

Joe Torre wore number 9 when he was the Braves manager in the early 1980s. It was the same uniform number that he wore as a player for the Mets and Cardinals.

Who wears number 6 for the New York Yankees?

No Yankee currently wears #6. Manager Joe Torre was the last to wear the number in 2007.

Who currently wears number 6 for the New York Yankees?

Currently, no Yankee wears the #6. Manager Joe Torre was the last to wear it in 2007.

Which New York Yankees players currently wear the numbers 2 and 6?

Currently, Derek Jeter wears the number 2 and the last Yankee to wear the number 6 was manager Joe Torre.

Which players have worn number 6 for the New York Yankees?

New York Yankees Uniform Number 6Here is a list of New York Yankees that have worn uniform number 6Clete BoyerBobby BrownAndy CareyRick CeroneBen ChapmanJack ClarkDusty CookeTony FernandezJoe GordonKen GriffeyBrad GuldenDeron JohnsonTony LazzeriMickey MantleMike PagliaruloDon SavageSteve SaxCharley SmithJoe Torre (manager)Roy White

What was Joe Torre's number when he played for the Braves?

Joe Torre wore uniform number 15 with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves from 1960 -1968. He finished his career with the St. Louis Cardinals (1969 - 1974), and the New York Mets (1975 - 1977) wearing uniform number 9.

What Yankee wore No 6?


How many Manager of the Year Awards did Joe Torre win?

Joe Torre won two Manager of the Year Awards. Both as the manager of the Yankees (1996 & 1998).

Who is the best manager in baseball?

Joe Torre

Who was the Manager of the Mets in 1979?

Joe Torre

Who was the Yankees manager before Joe Torre?

Buck Showalter was the Yankees manager between 1992-1995. Torre took over for the 1996 season.

Who replaced Joe Torre as New York Yankees manager?

Joe Torre was replaced by Joe Girardi as Yankees manager at the start of the 2008 season.

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