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Joe Montana wore #3 during his time at Note Dame. He attended Notre Dame from 1974 to 1978.

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Q: What was Joe Montana's jersey number in Notre Dame?
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What was Wally Kleine's jersey number while at Notre Dame?

Wally's number at Notre Dame was 96 and at Washington it was 79

Who wore number 42 for Notre Dame?

The number 42 jersey does not seem to have any significance to Notre Dame. There have not been any players who became well known that wore that jersey.

Who wore jersey number 80 for Notre Dame Football?


What was joe theismans jersey number while at notre dame?


Who wore number 9 football jersey at notre dame in 1977?

joe Montana

Who wore the number 44 football jersey at notre dame?

Tom Gatewood wore 44. Gatewood was an all American receiver at Notre Dame in 1969-71. Joe Theisman was the quarterback.

Who has worn notre dame jersey number 55?

Bob Betka 1975 NotreDame

What number did george gipp wear at notre dame?

George Gipp wore the number 66 while he played at Notre Dame.

When was the last time Notre dame football team won a game with the green jersey on?

Notre Dame won in 2008 Hawaii bowl against Hawaii wearing the green jerseys

Who wore number 12 for Notre Dame football?

I think if you are referring to the shirt where you see the number 12 on the jersey of the player in the tunnel, then the number 12 is referring to the fans or the 12th man as they have been called.

What Jersey number did Joe Montana wear throughout his NFL career?

16 for the 49ers and 19 for the Chiefs. He also wore #3 at Notre Dame.

What town is Notre Dame in?

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, IN. However, many people will refer to Notre Dame as being located in South Bend, IN but Notre Dame, IN is slightly more specific.

Is Notre-Dame in France?

Notre-Dame (literally 'Our Lady') is the cathedral of Paris, which is also Europe's most visited monument (13 million visitors each year). A number of other French cathedrals or churches also answer to the name of Notre-Dame, but Notre-Dame de Paris is the most famous.

Where is the notre dame?

Notre Dame, IN

How tall is notre dame in Paris?

Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame. It is 96 m

What is the value of an autographed jersey that was worn by wendel clark in his junior years for the notre dame hounds the year before he was drafted?

The value will depend on your audience and what shape it is in but I have seen them auctioned at Notre Dame College for about $1500.

What or whom is the Notre Dame cathedral named after?

the Notre Dame cathedral is named after Notre Dame i.e. Our Lady

What town is the university of Notre Dame in?

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, IN. However, the University will typically be referred to as being located in South Bend, IN but Notre Dame, IN is slightly more specific.

Because of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame does the cathedral of Notre Dame have something to do with magic?

No. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a work of fiction. While the Notre Dame cathedral is real, the events and people of the story are not. As such, the story does not indicate anything real about the nature of Notre Dame.

What number was joe theisman at Notre Dame?


Notre Dame in France?

There is the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, which is a college, and there is Notre Dame de Paris, a Catholic cathedral in France.

Where is Notre Dame cathedral located?

Notre Dame simply means our lady, so there are many churches devoted to the Virgin Mary called Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Chartres, Notre Dame de Rouen, etc.). The most famous Notre Dame Cathedral (with the Hugo story and Disney movie and all) is located in center of Paris.

What are facts About Notre dame?

Notre Dame is french for "Our Lady" Notre dame took 80 years to build. 14 million people visit Notre dame every year. De Sully had notre Dame buit because of the expanding population. Notre Dame is in paris.

What color jersey will Notre Dame wear In BCS title game?

white because they are listed first

Why was Notre Dame?

Notre Dame was a gothic cathedral in France