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Jeff Gordon's average finish in 2009 was 10.2

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Q: What was Jeff Gordon's average finishing position in the 2009 Nascar Sprint Cup series?
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What was Dale Earnhardt Sr's average starting position?

Dale Sr's average starting position in the Nascar Cup Series was 12.9, his average finishing position was 11.1.

Do you still get paid if you don't finish the race in nascar?

You're paid by your finishing position, regardless of if you're running at the checkered flag.

What is the race starting position with the most wins in Nascar?


What is a pole in NASCAR?

When a driver qualifies in first position he wins "the pole".

How much does a Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver earn?

Depending on how well you do (winnings) and how much they and the race itself pays.

What is Matt Kenseth's average finish in the Nascar Cup Series?

Through the 2012 season, Matt Kenseth has an average finish of 14.3 in his Nascar Cup Series career.

Who in Nascar owns a fishing boat named Pole Position?

Mark Thompson

How long is a NASCAR driver a rookie?

The average age of a NASCAR driver these days is between 25-40.

What place does a NASCAR driver have to finish to get paid?

A Nascar driver gets paid no matter what position he or she finishes in. Even the last place driver gets a check.

What is average speed of a nascar at atlanta motor speedway?


How many times has Jeff Gordon started from the pole position in Nascar?

In his career, Jeff Gordon has started from the pole position 72 times in the Nascar Cup Series and 12 times in the Nationwide Series (formerly known as the Busch Series).

How do you determine the final average speeds at a nascar sprint cup race?

43 cars in nascar running together at the end how do you determine what the average speeds are not qulifying or practice but the total lap speeds