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Q: What was Jakie Robinson's favorite soda?
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What is the year of jakie robinsons graduation?


What were Jackie Robinsons favorite quotations?

he liked cupcakes

What was Jackie robinsons favorite drink?


What is jakie robensians ffavorite candy?

his favorite candy was tootsie rolls

What is Jackie robinsons favorite animal?

he doesnt have one.

What is the tone in the book stealing home a Jackie Robinson story?

jackie robinsons life and the ups and downs his family faced

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His favorite soda is Dr pepper!!

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Bridgit Mendler's favorite soda is Mountain Dew

How many people like meet the Robinsons?

I know me too! my FAV character is Wilbur Robinson! OMG! I love Meet the Robinsons! My favorite person is probably Wilbur Robinson. Carla520

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I'm not sure about soda but I know his favorite drink is seahorse milk.

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orange soda