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what was Jackie Robinson football teams name

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Q: What was Jackie Robinson's football teams name?
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What was Jackie Robinsons real name?

Jackie robinsons real name is Jack Roosevelt Robinson

Jackie Robinsons childrens name?

Jackie jr.

Jackie Robinsons full name?

His full name is Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

What was Jackie robinsons dad's name?


What is Jackie robinsons middle name?


What is Jackie robinsons dads name?

It is Jerry Robinson

What is Jackie robinsons parents name?

Mallie and Jerry Robinson

What are Jackie Robinsons brother and sister name?

Frank, and Willa Mae

Who are jackie Robinsons parents?

His mom's name is Molly Robinson, but I forgot the dads name

What was Jackie Robinsons nickname?

Jackie Robinson's nickname was Jackie. His real name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson and sometimes he was called the Dark Destroyer or the Colored Comet.

What is Jackie Robinsons full name?

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 as Jack Roosevelt Robinson. He was the first African American to play in the major leagues of baseball.

What is the name of the Harvard's football team?

The name of the Harvard football teams is the Harvard Crimson.

What is the cost of a football used by professional football teams?

Same as normal they just pay a bit more to have the 2 football teams name on the ball.

Do football teams stamp their name into footballs?


What is the Iowa football teams name?


What was the name of Jackie robinsons minor league baseball team before he joinded the Brooklyn dodgers?

The Montreal Royals, a Dodger farm club in the International League.

When did football teams change their name to united?


What was the first football teams name?

xiv team

What is Denver's football teams name?

The Denver Broncos.

What is hawaiis football and soccer teams name?

The Warriors

What is indianaS football teamS name?

The Indianapolis Colts

Football teams with brown in the name?

Clevland Browns

What is Connecticuts football teams name?

Uconn huskies

What is Tennessee's football teams name?

The Tennessee Titans.

Why is football a football?

Basically, because it was invented. If football was different, it might have another name, different teams, etcetera.