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as a face it was a theme called American made that jimmy hart wrote (and possibly preformed not sure about that one tho)

as a heel nWo Theme

as a face it was a theme called American made that jimmy hart wrote (and possibly preformed not sure about that one tho)

as a heel nWo Theme

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Q: What was Hulk hogan's theme music in wcw?
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When did hulk hogan retire in WCW?

Hulk Hogan quits wcw after bash at the beach 2000

Where can you download WCW music?

Try a search on Kazaa, LimeWire etc. for old WCW Wrestlers Entrance Theme Songs.

Does hulk hogan own wcw?

No. Vince McMahon and WWE bought WCW.

Who is the greatest wcw wrestler?

Hulk Hogan

What is the entrance theme for former WCW wrestler Glacier?

Not sure what the title of it was, but it was a stock music file that sounded similar to the techno "Mortal Kombat" theme.

How long was hulk hogan in the world wrestling entertainment?

Up to WCW

How many times have Hulk Hogan won the WCW Championship?


Who did hulk hogan beat for the wcw championship at bash at beach?


When did hulk hogan join wcw?

after he left the wwe in the early 90's 1994

Where can you download wcw theme songs for free?

limewire limewire

Who sings wcw's theme song?

C-murder... I think

Could hulk hogan going to tna really revive wcw?

No. Hulk Hogan going to TNA is a part of the same chain of events that lead to the death of WCW in the first place: Constantly pushing has-beens. Bischoff going to TNA is most likely not going to remember the mistakes he made both creating and then destroying the juggernaut that WCW once was.

How did hulk hogan injure his neck?

Hulk Hogan is a former professional wrestler. He injured his neck during a wrestling match in the WCW. He had to leave wrestling because of the injury.

Did ric flair ever beat hulk hogan?

One I can remember was WCW Uncensored 1999, he beat Hulk Hogan in a barbed wire steel cage match...

What is WWE theme song?

WWE doesnt hav a theme song but the wrestlers do and RAW/ SMACKDOWN/ECW/WCW does...................................................

WCW Starcade theme song?

Where can I contact Mitsy Blue former wrestler?

What is the name of Shane McMahon's WCW theme?

Here comes the money by naughty by nature.

What is the theme song of wcw vs nwo revenge?


Has hulk hogan beaten Ultimate Warrior?

yes, when both of them were in wcw hulk hogan beat the ultimate warrior( basically it was a setup thing so "hollywood" hogan could get even with the warrior.

What was the main event at wcw uncensored 1999?

Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair in a first blood steel cage match

What is the name of Dusty Rhodes WCW theme song?

You can't judge a book by lookin' at the cover

Is their a wcw video game?

yes there is there are some wcw games in game over Yeh there are 10 wcw games. wcw backstage assault wcw mayhem wcw nitro wcw super brawl wrestling wcw the main event wcw vs nwo world tour wcw vs the world wcw wrestling wcw/nwo revenge wcw/nwo thunder

What is the full wcw roster?

WCW RosterEric Bischoff (WCW Owner)Kevin NashScott HallHollywood Hulk HoganBooker TScott SteinerStingRandy SavageBret HartRick SteinerRey Mysterio Jr.Shannon MooreRic FlairLex LugerBuff BagwellChris BenoitDean MalenkoEddie GuerreroChavo Guerrero Jr.GoldbergBrian KnobbsJerry SagsBilly KidmanSid ViciousRoddy PiperGregory HelmsJeff Jarrett

How many time did hulk hogan win a title with World Wrestling Entertainment?

In WWE he won 7 titles In WCW he won 6 titles

What is so important about Dwayne Johnson?

Because he's been throw wcw,wwf,wwe which is 3 times throw wrestling + he won the wcw tittle against Owen heart once he won the wwf tittle against hulk hogan and he won the wwe tittle in a 6-man tag team which was him,chris Jericho,hulk hogan vs.Kane,the undertaker,HHH