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They did not use uniform numbers when Honus Wagner played Baseball.

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Q: What was Honus Wagners number for Major League Baseball?
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What was Honus Wagners' real name?

Honus-John Peter Wagner. He was known as the "Flying Dutchman".

What famous baseball players wore number 33?

Honus waner Honus Wagner

Which professional baseball team did Honus Wagner play for?

The first professional team Honus Wagner played for was the Louisville Colonels of the National League from 1897 -1899 then played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1990 -1917

Hockey player's name who got honus Wagners best card?

Wayne Gretzky owned originally owned the famous T206 Honus Wagner" baseball card that sold for $2.8 million in 2007. Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall bought the T206 Honus Wagner card in 1991 for $451,000., and sold it for $500,000. in 1995. Other T206 Honus Wagner cards have recently sold in the $200,000. -$400,000. price range. The "Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner" card most likely has a higher value because of it's past owner.

How many triples did Honus Wagner hit?

Honus Wagner had 252 career triples in 21 Major League seasons.

What number did honus Wagner wear on his uniform?

Honus Wagner played before numbers were on uniforms. He did not have a uniform number.

Was Honus Wagner the first baseball card ever?


What baseball player wore 33?

Honus Wagner

When and where did baseball player Honus Wagner die?

Honus Wagner died December 6, 1955, in Carnegie, PA, USA.

When and where was baseball player Honus Wagner born?

Honus Wagner was born February 24, 1874, in Chartiers, PA, USA.

What famous baseball players wore 33?

Honus Wagner

What is the most valued baseball card?

a 1909 206 Honus Wagner baseball card.

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