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To take over the world and create a master race.

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Q: What was Germany's goal in World War 2?
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What was germanys involvement in world war 2?

Yes, Germany was like my bootyhole.

Who led Germanys rise to power just before World War 2?

Adolf Hitler did.

Germanys invasion of this country triggered world war 2?

Poland, on 1 September 1939

Why did the map of Europe change significantly from World War 1 to World War 2?

because the communist and germanys country lost power

What was the cause of World War I and World War 2?

In World War 1 the U.S.S.R was trying to take over Germanys and the other countrys land. Then in World War 2 Adolf Hitler tryed to get more land for Germany and slaughter all the Jews.

How was the soviet union involved in world war 2?

They conquered most of Europe because Germanys leader backstabbed them.

Which best describes germanys standard invasion strategy at the beginning of World War 2?

Blitzkrieg - lightning strike.

Goal of USSR after World War 2?

Their goal was to have the most powerful weapons in the world, but US intervened and the war became known as the Cold war

What was the military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2?

The military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2 was Japanese surrender.

What led france and Britain to declare was against Germany to begin world war 2?

germanys blitzkrieg against poland

Was the goal for World War 2 achieved?

That depends on what goal setted by what country.

What was Churchill's major goal in World War 2?

To win the war.

What was hitlers ultimate goal in launching world war 2?

World Domination

What was the goal of the allied forces of World War 2?

The allied forces goal was to defeat the German forces.

What was the US's goal in wining war world 2?

There goal was to take down Hitler and all communism

What were the goal Italy in during world war 2?

To make pizza

Who had the main goal of rebuilding Europe after world war 2?


What was president Truman's goal in World War 2?

His goal during the war was to win it as quickly as possible with the least loss of American life.

What was the Soviet Unions goal after World War 2?

To conquer Eastern Europe

What was the first goal for the allies in world war 2?

contain Germany's aggression.

What were Benito Mussolini's goal in world war 2?

I dont know sorry

What was Joseph Stalin's goal after World War 2?

to suck genitalia and finger a pony

What was Winston Churchill's goal during world war 2?

Victory, no matter the cost

What was the goal for carpet bombing in World War 2?

To blow the living shart out of guys.

What were Stalin's goals after World War 2?

stalin goal was too change the world and make the world a better place after the world war2