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I am sitting on a ticket for his 08/17/1977 show unused and in great condition and I have just been told that it is worth between $1500.00 and $4000.00.

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Q: What was Elvis presleys most expensive concert and how much were the tickets?
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Where was Elvis Presleys last concert?

it was june 26 1977 in indiana

When was Elvis Presleys first concert?

If you mean live appearence: 1955. If you mean a real concert: 1969

Where was Elvis presleys first concert?

Overton Park Shell in Memphis

What was Elvis presleys last concert?

Elvis Presley's last concert performance was on June 26, 1977 at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana. The audience numbered 18,000.

What would you wear if you went to Elvis Presleys concert?

i would wear anything i want its up to you

How many fans attended Elvis presleys first concert?

There was one fan to the left of the stage blowing air on most of the band and Elvis.

When was Elvis Presleys last concert?

June 26 1977 at market square arena in Indianapolis, Indiana

What is Elvis Presleys home?

Elvis Presleys house is called the Gracelands.

What was Elvis's Presleys first movie?

Elvis Presleys first movie he starred in was 'Love Me Tender'.

What is Elvis Presleys bothers name?

Elvis Presleys brothers name was Jessie Garon Presley.

What was the average cost for Elvis concert tickets in 1956?


What is the name of Elvis Presleys band?

Elvis' original band, during his time at Sun Records, was called "The Blue Moon Boys". During Elvis' concert appearances, starting from 1969, the band was known as "The TCB Band" (which was Elvis' use of TCB meaning Taking Care of Business).

What are the ratings and certificates for Elvis by the Presleys - 2005 TV?

Elvis by the Presleys - 2005 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

What is Elvis Presleys full name?

Elvis Aaron Presley

What is Elvis Presleys real name?

Elvis Aaron Presley

Elvis Presleys real name?

Elvis Aaron Presley.

What was elvis Presleys first album called?

"Elvis Presley"

What is the value of August 1977 Elvis Presley mint condition concert tickets?

a lot

Elvis Presleys major hits?

Elvis Presleys major hits were Heartbreak Hotel, Jailjouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas, Always on my Mind.

How much is a Elvis Presley newspaper worth?

What is a news paper dated August 17th of Elvis presleys death worth?

Do you have a picture of Elvis Presleys tattoo?

Elvis Presley did not have a tatoo on his body.

Who was elvis Presleys drummer?

DJ FontannaRonnie Tutt

What was Elvis Presleys favorite subject?

he loved math

How much are unused tickets from an Elvis Presley concert 1972 worth?

Perhaps $100 to $150.

How much did Elvis Presley weigh at death?

On "Elvis by the Presleys" a member of his "Memphis Mafia" stated Elvis' weight had got up to 350 on his last tour.