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The Detroit Cougers

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Q: What was Detroit redwings original team name?
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What is your favorite NHL team?

Detroit RedWings

What's your favorite NHL team?

Detroit RedWings

In which city are the Detroit Redwings based?

Detroit Redwings formerly known as Detroit Falcons is a professional hockey team in West America founded in 1926. They are based in Detroit, Michigan.

What NHL team had the Highest Payroll ever?

Detroit Redwings

How did the Detroit redwings get there name?

.The team is named after the Michigan Warbling Red Wing. Which is a bird known for its spoked wheels and is commonly found in Detroit.

What hockey team has won the Stanley Cup?

This year, the Detroit Redwings have won the Stanley cup.

What is the last team to win the Stanley cup consecutive years in a row?

Detroit Redwings in 1997 and 1998.

Are the Pittsburgh Penguins the best hockey team?

Yes they are no doubt about it. the worse team are the Detroit Redwings another stinky team is the Washington capitals. another stinky one is the New Jersey devils

What NHL team has won the Stanley Cup the most times?

Montreal Canadiens are first, then the Toronto Maple Leafs (believe it or not!) and finally the Detroit Redwings.

What NHL team calls Joe Loius Arena home?

Since 1979, Joe Louis Arena, or The Joe as fans call it, has been located in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It is the home of the Detroit Redwings National Hockey League team.

What is the original of a professional sports team in Detroit Lions?

In 1929, the Portsmouth Spartans were formed, in 1934 the team requested a name change and became the Detroit Lions, following the jungle cat theme started by the Detroit Tigers.

What NBA team was known as the Original 'bad boys'?


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