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Q: What was David beckham's squad number in his first world cup?
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What is David Wheaters squad number?

HIs squad number is 31 for Middlesborough.

What squad number did David Beckham wear in his first world cup?

i think it was no.7. i don't know...

What is david villa's national squad number?


What is david beckham England football team squad number?

its number 7

What was David Beckham squad cup in world cup 1998?

David Beckham wore the jersey number 7.

What is David Bentleys squad number for Tottenham Hotspur?

Since returning back to Tottenham Hotspur from his loan spell at West Ham United, his current squad number is number 38.This information is correct as of February 21st, 2012.

What is the duration of First Squad?

The duration of First Squad is 3420.0 seconds.

Who is England football team squad number 7?

it was normally worn by david beckham now aaron lennon and theo walcott

When was First Squad created?

First Squad was created on 2009-05-13.

The first police squad was put on the road in?

First police squad on the road was in 1922

What was the first number David Beckham wore on his shirt for Manchester United?

When David Beckham made his debut at the end of the 1994-1995 season, his first squad number was 28. At the start of the 95/96 season, Beckham took on the squad number 24, with Paul Scholes moving to the number 22. At the start of the 96/97 season, Becks wore the coverted number 10 jersey for Man United recently vacated by Mark Hughes. When Teddy Sheringham arrived the following season, Becks left the No 10 to take on the No 7 jersey which he owned till he left for Real Madrid in July 2003.

The first police squad was put on the road in what year?

First police squad on the road was in 1922

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