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They were originally called Cowbelles.

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Q: What was Dallas cowboys cheerleaders originally called?
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Did the Dallas Cowboys have another name?

No. They were called the Dallas Cowboys from 1960.

How many times do cheerleaders need to practice?

There is no set number that there HAS to be at the end of each is usually 36 but it does not have to be. In 2007 there were 38,now in 2008-09 I belive there are 36 ____________________________________________________________________ 38 cheerleaders is the the most they can have on the squad, but their ideal squad is 32 according to Keli Finglass; Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Director.

Where is the Dallas Cowboys' stadium?

AT&T Stadium, originally called Cowboys Stadium when it opened in 2009, is located in Arlington, Texas, not far from the Texas Rangers' ballpark.

How did the Dallas Cowboys get its name?

There was another sports team in Dallas with the name Dallas Rangers which in the 60's that is what the team was called. The owners called them Dallas Cowboys to avoid confusion. It's Texas. There used to be cowboys. Originally they were slated to be known as the Rangers but a local minor league baseball team was already using the name Rangers and the front office did not want to create any confusion so they went with a common Texas dweller, COWBOYS.

How many stadiums have the Dallas Cowboys called home?

Three. The Cowboys have played their home games at the Cotton Bowl (1960-1971), Texas Stadium (1971-2008) and AT&T Stadium -- originally Cowboys Stadium -- (2009-present).

Why are they called the Dallas cowboys if they have never had a stadium in Dallas?

The Cowboys played their first 12 NFL seasons (1960-1971) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Why isn't Kaitlin Legrand returning to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

According to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader website, her and her husband decided to start a family and she is pregnant. Also they are moving to Austin. Please refer to the related link for more information.

What is the dalls football team called?

the dallas cowboys

Is there still a team called Dallas Cowboys?


What do the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders stand for?

It stand for DCC and the are called the American Sweet Heart

What NFL team is called Americas team?

The Dallas Cowboys

What football team is called the American team?

Dallas Cowboys