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Q: What was Conor maynards nickname in school?
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What is Conor Maynards favrouite colour?

What is Conor Maynards favrouite colour

What is conor maynards favourite food?


What size are conor maynards feet?

He is a size 6! Love you Conor! xx

What is conor maynards middle name?

Conor's middle name is Paul

What is conor maynards mothers name?

Helen Maynard

Where is conor maynards favorite place to eat?


What is Conor Maynards Skype name?

i think its conormaynards10

How old is conor maynards brother?

He's 17

What is conor maynards blood type?

positive fabulous

Who is conor maynards biggest fan?

Sonali Anand from India her twitter user name KristenAnand

What was Eugene Connor nickname?

It was bull Conor

What is conor maynards parents called?

Conor Maynard's dad is called Gary Maynard and his mum is called Helen Maynard. p.s he has a younger brother called Jack who is 18, 19 on 24 nov and his sister is 12 -written 28th march 2013 UK