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her number for the Thunder is #8

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Q: What was Cat Osterman's softball number?
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What is cat ostermans favorite number?


What is cat ostermans full name?


What is cat ostermans batting average?

.105 is Cat Osterman's Batting Average. Go Team USA! ~Hope This Helps~

What is cat ostermans?

Catherine Leigh "Cat" Osterman born April 16, 1983, is an American athlete and was one of the pitchers on the USA Women's Softball Team which won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics and the silver medal in the2008 Summer Olympics. (Wikipedia)

Does cat osterman have a kid?

Cat Osterman does not have any kids. Cat Osterman is from Houston, Texas and is a softball pitcher. She played softball for the University of Texas.

What possitoin did Cat Osterman play in softball?


What position did cat osterman play in softball?


Who is a softball athlete?

Crystal Bustos and Cat Osterman

Who is the fastest woman softball pitcher?

Cat Osterman

Is the famous softball player Cat Osterman dead?


Which is more athletic basketball or softball?

The hardest to me is softball but they rank basketball number 4 and softball number 9 on how hard it is.

Who is the most popular softball player in the world?

Cat osterman

Who is the fastest softball pitcher in the US?

for 2009 its cat ostreman

Number of innings in a softball game?

There are 7 innings in a softball game

What number of pitches are there in softball?

There is no set number.

What is the name of the association that runs softball'?

There are a number of associations in softball but I will presume you are asking about ASA (amateur softball association).

Is Cat Osterman single?

As of July 2014, Cat Osterman does appear to be single. Cat is a well known All-American softball pitcher.

Were did softball player cat mosterman go to college?

She went to the University of Texas.

Who are the most famous softball players in the history of softball?

The most famous softball players in the history of softball are Michele Smith, Jennie Finch, Lisa Fernandez, Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman, Dot Richardson, Crystl Bustos and Joan Joyce.

What is the main aim of softball?

The main of softball is to have the most number of runs at the end of the 7th innings

What is Natasha Watley's softball number?


Who is cat osterman dating?

It is not known who Cat Osterman is currently dating. She is an Olympic gold medalist softball pitcher from Houston, TX.

Does cat osterman have a book?

Cat Osterman has not written a book, but she has been featured in one. This book was called American Softball Players.

5 other names for softball?

1 old cat 4 old cat kitten ball cabbage lady's ball

Who are 3 athletes that played softball?

Jennie finch , Cat Osterman, and Crystal Busto.