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Q: What was Buffalo Bill Cody's father's name?
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What is Codys hotel name?

the name of codys hotel is DOLCE CHANTILLY and the link to the form he went thru is www.ghotw/hotel/rates/dolce-chantilly.htm Buffalo Bill Cody created a Hotel in Cody Wyoming named the Irma Hotel that still exists and is worthy of a visit for its Historical value, at least if you have an interest in the way things were in the olden days.

What are good buffalo names?

Bill is a good buffalo name. Buffalo Bill see

Was Buffalo Bill on the buffalo nickel?

The name of the coin refers to the buffalo on its reverse side. It's unrelated to Buffalo Bill.

How did Buffalo Bills get their name?

For buffalo bill Cody

What was buffalo bill's horse's name?

did buffalo bill have a horse named isham and if so why?

What was buffalo bill's horses name?

did buffalo bill have a horse named isham and if so why?

Where did the Buffalo Bills name come from?

after buffalo bill Cody

What is zacks and codys real name?

Dylan Sprouse is Zacks real name and Cole Sprouse is Codys real name.

What does Buffalo Bill stand for?

Buffalo Bill was one of the last characters of the Old West. His real name is William F. Cody. He was called Buffalo Bill because, amongst his many occupations, he was a buffalo hunter. As a play on the same name, the NFL franchise, which is located in Buffalo, NY, adapted Buffalo Bills as the name of the team and the buffalo as the team's mascot and logo.

What is Luke Walton's fathers name?


Buffalo Bill's horse's name?


What was the name of Buffalo Bill's horse?

It Was Charley