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Hey took dick for a living

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Q: What was Babe Ruth's life like after baseball?
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What does Babe Ruths autograph look like?

See Related Links below for a Babe Ruth Autograph sample

What impact did baseball and baseball stars like Babe Ruth have on American society?

No impact at all

What Babe Ruth did?

Babe Ruth was the best baseball players ever. he had the leading home runs. adn everbody knows him. who does not like him.

How did babe didrikson zaharias get her nickname?

Mildred Didrikson, which is Babe's real name, got her nickname "Babe" when she would play baseball with the neighborhood boys. The boys thought she hit like Babe Ruth and so the nickname stuck.

How would American life be different if we didn't have baseball?

It would just be one less sport to play, one less sport on tv. Also one less person that is famous like Babe Ruth. If there was no baseball, most famous baseball players would have never been like that are now.

Babe Ruth singed baseball look like?

Babe Ruth Autograph SampleSee Related Links below for a sample of a Babe Ruth signature signed on a baseball along with Lou Gehrig. The signature is authenticated by PSA/DNA.

What was Babe Ruth's life like when he was a kid?

it was terrible he ate tobassco and drinked whiskey

What is the value of a danbury 22kt gold baseball card Babe Ruth and DUKE Snider?

Well the babe ruth cards is between $40.00 and $50.00 the duke snider I am uncertain but like all baseball cards the only value is what someone is willing to pay for them

What was Babe Ruth's adulthood like?

he liked playin baseball obvsley and he was great at it. he set LOTS of worlsd records.

What was babe Ruth's personality like personality like?

Babe's personality was like a jumping cow!

What was yogi berra's life after baseball?

what was yogi Berra's life like after baseball

Who decides what baseball jerseys are worn?

It depends on what league you are in. if it's like say babe Ruth for kids then probably the coach

Is babe a verb proper noun?

A proper noun is usually the name of a person or a place: "babe" could only be a proper noun if it were someone's name, for example, the great baseball player from many years ago named Babe Ruth ("Babe" was his nickname). Babe cannot be a verb, since a verb shows action, like "to run" or "to swim." The word "babe" is an old version, or a shortened version, of the word "baby", and it is just a common noun.

Where should you sell your Babe Ruth signed baseball?

Check out this company: Imperial Sports LLC. It looks like they deal in old baseball memorabilia and give out free appraisals.

What is name the 2 female they sing-tell you baby where he go oh babe oh baby oh-oh like it gettin away cycle is like figure it oh babe oh babe?

What is name the 2 female they sing-tell you baby where he go oh babe oh baby oh-oh like it gettin away cycle is like figure it oh babe oh babe?

How much is a babe Ruth baseball card from a 1992 gum card set?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not much. If it was like 1930's, it would be like a million

What was the name of the animated Babe Ruth movie?

Something like The Last Baseball Hero, or genuine Baseball Hero. Hero was in the title. It was a cartoon and had silly stuff like a talking baseball bat with a Southern accent. at least a Horse is a living creature ( Mr. Ed).

You remind me of the babe?

What is a babe? Or sorry, WHO is Babe? There's a billion babes, you know. Like, boyfriends and girlfriends call each other "Babe." And there is a pig called "Babe." And a baby is a longer word for "babe." Okay??

Why did Roger Maris not receive the attention he should have for breaking Babe Ruth's record?

He didn't receive attention because babe Ruth was and is the biggest legend baseball has ever produced. So anyone that would break his record would be shunned by baseball fans. Especially Yankee fans. Just like Marris was

What does a Babe Ruth signature look like?

If you Google (images) Babe Ruth signed baseball you should come up with plenty of examples. Be sure that the signature is authenticated by a company like PSA/DNA or JSA. There are a lot of fakes on the market. There are also a lot of facsimile (stamped) signures that appear on promotional, and souvenir items. See related links below for an example of a Babe Ruth signature. This signed baseball has a great story behind it, and also features a Lou Gehrig signature.

How did Babe Ruth look like when he was little?

Babe Ruth looked cute.

What do you say to your girlfriend if she feels like she is ugly?

you say u r the best thing in my life babe your so pretty

My girlfriend doesn't like to be called baby or babe or anything like that what should I call her then as an alternative Thanks?

If your girlfriend does not like to be called babe, you can try names like sugarpie, sweetheart and honey.

What does it mean if a girl you like calls you babe?

She either likes you or just calls everyone babe.

What was Babe Ruth's family like?

his family was like answer