What warm pools are there?

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Q: What warm pools are there?
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How does the sun warm up pools?

It warms up pools by Radiation.

Who invented the swimming pools?

Ancient Greeks had public baths, which included warm and cold pools.

What is the crustaceans natural habitat?

In warm oceans and tide pools

How are geothermal pools formed?

Geothermal pools are formed where the hot rocks below the surface of the earth are close enough to warm pools of water on the surface. Areas of volcanic activity typically have hot springs, as in the North Island of New Zealand.

Does amoeba live in swimming pools when the water is warm?

I would say no because the chlorine would kill it.

What are the names of the pools at the Roman baths?

The names of the Roman baths are the frigidarium (cold), the tepidarium (warm) and the caldarium (hot).

Why are changing rooms in swimming pools kept very warm?

beacause after getting out of a pool u tend o be cold

How do zebras stay cool?

Zebras are mammals, which make them warm blooded so they simply cool off by drinking vast amounts of cold water, of wading in pools of luke-warm, water.

Why are changing rooms in swimming pools always kept warm?

so that the room get's conversation from the warmth given in changing rooms.

Do dwarf frogs like warm water over cold water?

no they prefer pools in caves where they can mine and harrass snow white bunny

How many swimming pools are there in London England?

i live in london and there are a couple pools here in london. most people think that london has cold and cloudy weather but really we have great warm sunny summers here! like in the mid 70s and low 80s. Although i have been to several cities in the usa and the pools there look a lot better and there are a lot more! but yes there are a couple pools in london:)

What is the name of the weather pattern that is marked by a shifting of large warm pools in the Pacific Ocean causing wind and rain patterns to change?

El Niño.

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