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No, the Panthers went to the Super Bowl in their 9th season. They did go to the NFC championship game in their second season (1996) and lost to the Green Bay Packers, 30-13. The Panthers record in their first season was 7-9 and they missed the playoffs.

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Q: What wa the Carolina Panthers record there first year?
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When did Carolina start as a football team?

The Carolina Panthers first year in the NFL was 1995.

What year did the Panthers enter the NFL?

The Panthers were created in 1993 but played their first season in 1995The Carolina Panthers came into the NFL in 1995

In what year did the Carolina Panthers become a team?


What year was the first edition of the Carolina Panthers coin issued?

September 3, 1995-Limited Edition numbered series

What year is the start of the Carolina Panthers?

They were created in 1993 but had their 1st game in 1995

What year did the Carolina Panthers start?

The expansion franchise known as the Carolina Panthers was announced in October 1993. The team took the field and played its first game in July 1995 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Panthers won, 20-14.

Did any NFL expansion team make the playoffs in their first year?

The closest any team has come to achieving this feat was the 1995 Carolina Panthers, who finished two games out of a playoff spot.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys last lose on Thanksgiving day?

On Thursday, November 26, 2015, the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Carolina Panthers s at AT&T Stadium, 33-14. The Cowboys' overall record on the holiday is 29-18-1.

Who got Jeremy shockey?

The Carolina Panthers now have Shockey, picking him up on March 3 2011 for a one year deal

When did Reggie White retire?

Reggie White first retired after the 1998 season. After a one year retirement, Reggie came back in 2000 to play for the Carolina Panthers. He then retired a second time after the 2000 season.

What year was super bowl 38?

It was played on February 6, 2005. The New England Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-21 in Jacksonville's ALLTEL Stadium.

What year did the North Carolina first open?