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Wisconsin has three professional sports teams: the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks

Tennessee has three professional sports teams: the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators and Memphis Grizzlies

Indiana has three professional sports teams: the Indiana Pacers, Indiana Fever and Indianapolis Colts.

North Carolina has three professional sports teams: Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats and Carolina Hurricanes.

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Q: What us state has only three pro sports teams?
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What is the only city in which all of its major league sports teams have the same color?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the only city in the U.S. with three sports teams that all wear the same colors.

Name Georgia state sports teams?

the only one i know is basketball, their team name is Georgia tech

Why does bing sports only report on east coast sports teams?


Which states do not have a professional sports team?

All 50 states have professional sports teams. Some of the states only have "minor league" pro teams.

Does Boston Herald Sports cover only Boston based sports teams?

"No, the Boston Herald Sports refer to this publication is a creation from Boston. This print is from Boston. They cover sports teams in all states and all areas."

Is there a professional sports team in Boise?

No, only college teams.

What sports teams are in new jersey?

There are a few different teams. The only one that matters is the Devils in the NHL. The reason is hockey is the best and all other sports fail.

What three NFL teams aren't named after their city or state?

Only one NFL team has neither a city nor a state in their name: the New England Patriots.

What are two sports teams in Arkansas?

Arkansas does not have a professional sports team and they only have one college team, the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Is Nike the only sports company that let you customize their products?

No, they are not. There are many other sports companies that allow customization of products, which is how high school teams and private teams get their jerseys and other apparel

What states have sports betting?

Nevada is the only state with sports books and true sports betting.

How many sports teams are in Connecticut?

Connecticut is not known for having a professional sports team. UCONN athletics is the most followed teams out of Connecticut, but there are many development teams stationed there. In baseball they have a minor league team named the Connecticut Tigers. For basketball the only professional team is the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA. And for hockey the most supported team in the state is the Connecticut Whales.

What is Nebraska's nickname?

The Cornhusker State. Nebraska's nickname is the Corn Husker state. Steve Harl its is the cornhusker state, by randycam21 from youtube Nebraska's nickname is 'The Cornhusker State' and is the only state with the nickname the same as the sports teams. Nebraska also has another nickname, 'The Beef State'.Cornhusker State.Cornhusker State!

Which state had 3 baseball teams in 1952 and only 2 teams in 1995?

New York.

Kansas Professional sports teams?

Sporting Kansas City is a professional Major League Soccer team and the only professional sports team in Kansas.

Are Boston herald sports popular?

The Boston Herald Sports is a very popular section of the Boston Herald. It offers the most up to date sports for readers daily both in print and online. Not only does this section cover the teams from Boston but also teams throughout the United States.

Professional sports in Hawaii?

No, there are currently no professional sport teams from Hawaii. However, they do have PGA tournaments at some of the golf courses in hawaii.the only teams r the university of Hawii athletic teams.

How many pro sports teams are named after a body of water?

The only one I can think of is the Carolina Hurricanes of the N.H.L., but in college sports, there is the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Which sports have teams with nine players?

Im pretty sure baseball is the only sport with nine players

Which countries play kho kho?

when kho kho was started then there were only 3 teams and presently there are 7 teams who represent their country in kho kho sports event.

Are there any three team sports?

No. The above answer is somewhat wrong but remains right, as far as a quick web search has found. Why is it somewhat wrong? Chinese checkers is a team sport involving more than two teams, if each player is assumed to have multiple personalities, and if a board game can be considered a sport. Also according to the below link there is a soccer variant being played that uses three teams, called showupandplay soccer. But sadly, these teams are rotated, with only two teams on field at any one time, so this isn't a mash-up that is supportive of three simultaneous teams onfield. But it is three team. Finally, many computer games have multiple teams, and with a mental stretch, these could be considered sports, though more mental than traditional physical sports. Some of the teams are AI teams, some are real representing the actions of the humans controlling the team, examples of older earlier games that used multi-team approaches are populous and powermonger, both by Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog. Can anyone improve on this, with examples of traditional outdoors or indoor team sports that have more than two teams competing on field, where the teams are larger than two players? Click on the link below for more information.

Which two teams are the only teams to lose three consecutive World Series?

Detroit Tigrs and New York Giants

How many baseball teams does New York have?

Well, there are many baseball teams in the state of New York, but there are only two pro teams, the Yankees and the Mets

Has a state have 3 of their pro sports teams win their championships in 1 year?

I'm going to edit this later if this is wrong, but I believe Michigan might of, the Tigers maybe, the redwings definitely, and the lions? if only two of them won, do you think the college football and basketball teams count. They both are pretty good...

Teams that have not made the NBA finals?

The only teams I know are the Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, and L.A. Clippers.