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Q: What us city has produced the most nfl players per capita?
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Canadian City per capita produced the most NHL players?

Thunder Bay, Ontario has produced the most NHL players.

What city has produced the most NBA players?

you loser!

What US city has produced the most NBA players?

Los Angeles

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Auckland city in New Zealand has the most boats per capita

What city has most cops her capita?

New York City, by far !

City with most rats per capita?

New York City

Does the dominican republic have the most major league players per capita?

I believe so.

Which country has the most golfers per capita in the world's to 250 players?

Northern Ireland

What US city has the most auto dealerships per capita?

Kansas City

What city in Alaska has the most millionaires per capita?


What city has most police per capita?

Lawrence Kansas

What city in Alabama has the most trailers per capita?