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Tulane Stadium

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Q: What university stadium was the New Orleans Saints first home field?
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What is the New Orleans Saints field called?

The Superdome.

When was University of Charleston Stadium at Laidley Field created?

University of Charleston Stadium at Laidley Field was created in 1979.

Does Cowboy Stadium have a retractable field?

No. The Cowboys have a turf field. The Arizona Cardinals stadium (University of Phoenix Stadium) is the only one with a retractable field in the USA.

In what city is the Louisiana Superdome?

The Superdome is the home field of the New Orleans Saints, and is located in downtown New Orleans, LA.

Which university's stadium built in 2006 has a field that can be moved outside for sunlight?

University Of Phoenix

What is the capacity of Ryan Field Stadium?

The capacity of Ryan Field Stadium is 47,130. It is the stadium used to host football games for Northwestern University Wildcats in Evanston, Illinois.

Do the New Orleans Saints play on a grass field?

No, the surface the Saints play on in the Louisiana Superdome is called Sportexe Momentum (2006-Present) The Saints home field was grass for the first few years when they played in Tulane Stadium. Grass (1926-1970) PolyTurf (1971-1975) Then the move indoors to the Louisiana Superdome: AstroTurf (1975-2003) FieldTurf (2003-2006)

Where did Tom Dempsey kick his 63 yard field goal?

Dempsey's 63 yarder, which allowed the Saints to defeat the Detroit Lions, 19-17, on November 8, 1970, was kicked at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

What team did tom dempsey play for when he kicked a 63 yard field goal?

The New Orleans Saints.

Where did the Chicago Bears play while Soldier Field was being rebuilt?

The University of Illinois Stadium (Memorial Stadium)

What stadiums were the super bowls in the years that the patriots won?

The Superdome in New Orleans. Reliant Stadium in Houston. AllTel Stadium (now Everbank Field) in Jacksonville.

Oldest on campus college football stadium?

Franklin Field, University of Pennsylvania, 1895

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