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Gatorade was developed by the University of Florida. The product was named after the University's alligator mascots, Albert and Alberta.

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Q: What university is Gatorade named for?
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What drink was named after the university of football team?

Gatorade after the Florida gators

What university is Gatorade named after?

yes they did, they were tryinng to make a more refreshing drink that is still healthy

Where did Gatorade originate?

Gatorade was developed in the 1960's by researchers at the University of Florida. Researchers were working on a beverage that could replace fluids that athletes lose while playing. They named it Gatorade after the University of Florida's football team the "Gators".

What is the definition of Gatorade?

The University of Florida invented Gatorade to properly hydrate the football team. They wanted an advantage over the teams that just drank water. They named it "Gatorade" because they are known as the Florida Gators.

What college was Gatorade made at?

The college Gatorade was the University of Florida.

When did gatorade come out?

In 1965, a team of researchers at the University of Florida developed a drink that would replace fluids and salt that was lost during times of exertion. The drink was tested on members of the University of Florida football team and was named Gatorade to honor the University. The nickname of the University of Florida is 'the Gators'.

What did the University of Florida invent?


What drink was developed at the University of Florida?

Gatorade was developed at the University of Florida.

What was Gatorade named for?

for "aiding" the gators of Florida

What sports drink was developed by doctors at the University of Florida?


What school did Gatorade originate?

University of Florida because their nick-name is the gators

Is Gatorade a sports product?

It is a drink designed to restore lost electrolytes (but is too concentrated for typical rehydration). It was named because of its development by the University of Florida School of Medicine for use by the Florida Gators college football team.