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The following numbers have been officially retired by the Mets:

37 - worn by Casey Stengel, first manager of the Mets

14 - worn by Gil Hodges, manager of the 1969 Mets World Series champions

41 - worn by Tom Seaver, Hall of Fame pitcher

42 - retired by MLB in honor of Jackie Robinson

Also, the Mets have not issued #8 since Gary Carter was elected to the Hall of Fame and #31 since Mike Piazza left the team. John Franco wore #31 before Piazza.

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Q: What uniform numbers have been retired by the New York Mets?
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Who wore number 31 for both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets?

NY Yankees No. 37 Casey Stengel, Tommy Shopay, Buck Harris (coach). Nobody. Shopay wore #s 17 and 27 for the Yankees and not #37. In addition to Stengel and Harris, Herb Karpel and Gus Niarhos were the only other Yankees to wear #37.

When did Willie Mays retired?

He retired after the 1973 season. His last at bat was for the New York Mets in Game 3 of the 1973 World Series.

What baseball number was gil hodges in the mets?

Gil Hodges' number 14 was retired by the New York Mets in 1972

What New York giant had his 11 uniform retired?

11 - Phil Simms

What color are the New York Yankees uniform numbers?

The numbers are black.

Who is retired number 32 of the NY Yankees?

Yogi Berra wore uniform number 8. number 8 was retired by the New York Yankees for both Berra, and Dickey.

Is there a list of the uniform numbers of everyone who has worn a New York Yankees uniform?

Click on the link below to see all the Yankees uniform numbers.

Which team has the most retired numbers?

The top two are the Boston Celtica and NY Yankees: The Celtics retires a total of 21 retired numbers for 22 people -- two players wore 18, and it ras retired for both of them. There are 16 former Yankees with their uniform numbers retired. While Jackie Robinson's #42 was retired from baseball entirely in '97, players already wearing 42 were allowed to keep it. NYY pitcher Mariano Rivera is the last active player still wearing 42.

Baseball hall of famer casey stengel had his number retired by the New York Yankees what was his number?

Uniform number 37 was retired in 1970 by the New York Yankees, in honor of Casey Stengel.

How many numbers have the New York Jets retired?

The New York Jets have retired 3 numbers: No. 12: QB Joe Namath No. 13: WR Don Maynard No.73 Joe Klecko

What are the two single digit New York Yankees numbers that aren't retired?

The last two single digit numbers that are not retired on the Yankees is the #2 and the #6.

When did Willie Mays number get retired?

well, His number was never retired. The San Francisco Giants officially retired Willie's #24 on August 20, 1983 prior to a game at Candlestick against the New York Mets.