What undertaker 2 boy name?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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There has only been one Undertaker (Mark Calaway) his son's name is Gunner from his first marriage and Gunner is 16.

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Q: What undertaker 2 boy name?
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What is undertaker kuroshitsuji name?

That is his name. Undertaker.

Who is Melina's boy friend?

Mark Calaway, the Undertaker

How did undertaker get his name undertaker?

it was vince McMahon idea Sorry but it Undertaker's idea not Vince's

What is the undertaker's middle name?

The Undertaker's full name is Mark William Calaway.

When The Undertaker changed his name what did he change it to?

The undertaker never changed his name his real name is mark and always has been.

What was the real name of the first undertaker?

there was only one undertaker and his name is mark William calaway

What is the Undertaker's first name WWE?

The Undertaker's First Name Is Mark But His Full Name Mark William Calaway If you want to find any information about Undertaker Himself go on Then Click on The Undertaker- Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

Who is the undertaker away from wrestling?

Mark Callaway is the Undertaker's real name.

Who won undertaker or undertaker 2?

real undertaker won because nobody can defeat undertaker. he can even beat his soul!

Does WWE own the name undertaker?

The word Undertaker, which means a person, who supervises or conducts the preparation of the dead for burial and directs or arranges funerals. No, because Undertaker is a word of the English language. As for the name Undertaker, I don't think so either. Maybe they own the name The Undertaker though. Who knows and who cares anyway?

What is undertaker's hell gate?

Undertaker's hell gate is another name for the Gogaplata.

Why did Sarah and the undertaker divorcedoes he still have her name under his neck what is the undertakers real Sarah and the undertaker have kids.?

what is the undertakers real name did Sarah and the undertaker get a divorce and why and does he still have her name tatoo under his neck.