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Auburn 2010 5

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Q: What undefeated Division 1A team in college football history has the most wins against top twenty opponents in the same year and how many?
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Does any college football team have a winning record against Michigan?

Appalachian State is undefeated against Michigan

What football coach has the most wins in division 1A?

Joe Paterno. He has the most wins against Division 1A teams and he also is the Division 1A coach with the most wins against teams of any Division.

When was the last time two undefeated teams played against each other in the college football championship game?

For the 2008 National title game

Division 1A College football teams to never play against a division 1 AA team?

USC, Notre Dame, Washington, Michigan State and UCLA.

What is a division in football?

A division in football is where teams around the same standard can compete against each other, so really good teams don't play against poor teams, however if poor teams do well they can be promoted out of that league and in to a higher one depending on their position in the league table

Who set a football NCAA Division 1 receiving record against Penn State?

Taylor Stubblefield (Purdue '04)

How do you get a football helmet in platform racing 2?

To obtain a Football Helmet (Head) in Platform Racing 2, a player must race against 3 opponents and win on the level 'Soul Temple'. The server Carina has Soul Temple and is also a busy server, meaning that getting 3 opponents should be of no difficulty. Good luck winning your Football Helmet!

How many Cleveland Browns quarterbacks are undefeated against the Pittsburgh Steelers?


Who were Boudica's opponents?

Boudica fought against the Romans.

What is a Super Bowl?

2 NFL football teams, each a division champion of the AFC and the NFC, play against each other.It is the football championship game of each year.

If a goalkeeper kicks the ball into the opponents net is it a goal?

Yes..... I did it once from a goal kick and it was allowed..... There is nothing in the Laws of Association Football that prevents a goalkeeper from scoring a goal against his opponents. Likewise, if he were to score direct from a goal kick, that is perfectly reasonable.

Has university of southern california football ever played a division ii team?

No, USC has never played a "Division II" football team. USC has played six games against current Division I-FCS teams, and is 6-0. USC has played 62 games against current Division III teams, and is 45-10-7. It's important to note that most of these games were played prior to the modern divisional format of the NCAA.

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