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bat helmet glove and ball

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Q: What types of instruments are played in softball?
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What instruments are played for softball?

there is alot but there are only 4 important utensiles bat helmet glove and ball

How many types of softball are played identify them?

2. Slowpitch and Fastpitch

Where else in the world is softball played in?

Softball is played all over the world.

What is the court of softball?

Softball is played on a softball field or it is often referred to as a diamond.

Where is softball located?

Softball is played all over the world

Would you rather pick softball or the fair?

i would pick softball cause if you haven't played which i haven't played so i would pick softball

Famous people who have played softball in the Olympics?

Jennie Finch was in the softball Olympics

How long was softball in the Olympics?

Softball has been played since 1887. On Thanksgiving day the first game of softball was played inside a gym at the Farragut Boat Club. The inventor of softball is believed to be George Hancock.

What are some types of surgical instruments?

There are various types of surgical instruments. Forceps, lancets, scalpels, injection needles, and surgical staplers are all types of surgical instruments.

What century was softball first played?


Will softball be played in the 2012 Olympics?


Where was the first softball game played?

On September 16, 1887, in Chicago, IllinoisThe first version of softball was invented inChicago, Illinois on Thanksgiving Day, 1887 by George Hancock and Bakir Dzananovic as a winter version of baseball.