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During softball the types of friction that occurs if rolling friction

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Q: What types of friction occur in softball?
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What types of friction occur when playing Rugby?

Air friction, traction.

What types of friction occur when you ride a bike through a puddle?

Fluid Friction, & Rolling Friction.

Where does friction occur in softball?

Friction occurs when the players feet rub against the ground and when the ball rubs against the dirt or grass. Friction also occurs when the ball hits your bat or when it hits your glove.

What is the static friction of softball?

bdecuz it jus doezz!

What are three types of friction?

There are three types of friction. There is Kinetic friction, Static friction, and Rolling friction.

What are four different types of friction?

The 4 different types of friction are: fluid friction, rolling friction, sliding friction, and static friction.

What types of friction occur while you ride a bike through a puddle?

You would experience fluid friction and rolling friction, and since you are not likely to be completely submerged, air resistance.

Can Friction occur in a vacuum?

Yes, in general friction can occur in a vacuum, but the only kind of friction that doesn't occur in a vacuum is, of course, air friction. There is no drag force on an object falling in a vacuum.

How many type of friction?

There are four types of friction that include static friction and fluid friction. The other two types are sliding friction and rolling friction.

What is it called when you burn yourself while sliding in softball?

Friction burn

Is there different versions of softball?

yes there is different types of softball. There is fast-pitch and there is slow-pitch softball.

What are the two types of friction?

the two types of friction are static and grate.

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