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smoked meat Sandwiches, Pizza, hot-dogs, french fries, popcorn, chips, ice cream, soft drinks, fruit juices, water...

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Q: What types of food do you get in the Club Desjardins section at the Bell Centre?
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What sections are part of the Club Desjardins at the Bell Centre?

All the seats in the 200's

When was Bell Centre created?

Bell Centre was created in 1996.

Where do the Montreal Cups play?

There is no team named the Montreal Cups, are you mistaking the for the Montreal Canadiens? If you are, then they play at Bell Centre (en francais: Centre Bell).

When is metallica coming to Montreal?

9/19/2009 Montreal, Canada Bell Centre 9/20/2009 Montreal, Canada Bell Centre

Did Michael Jackson ever perform at the bell centre?


Where is center Bell located in Canada?

The Centre Bell or Bell Centre is located in Montreal, Quebec Canada. It is the home of the deeply rooted and popular professional hockey franchise, The Montreal Canadians and has also hosted several UFC events.

What is the name of the Montreal Canadian home arena?

Bell Centre.

What is the name of the arena where the montreal canadiens play?

Bell Centre

What is the tallest nhl arena?

The biggest hockey stadium is Thunderdome owned by the Tampa Bay Lightning it only lasted to 1993-1996 holding 28,183 people. The current most biggest hockey stadium belongs to the Motreal Canadiens Bell Centre Arena holding 21,273 people.

Where is the NHL all star game?

The Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec

Where did the montreal canadiens play before the bell centre?

The Montreal Forum.

How many people go to the Bell Centre every year?