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Aerobic and anaerobic.

Aerobic through spin bikes.

Anaerobic through shuttle sprints.

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Q: What types of fitness can you develop by using circuit training?
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What are the types of training required to train footballers?

skills & fitness

What are the two basic types of training a firefighter receives?

I THINK: first aid fitness

What methods of sports training are there?

hard ones and easy ones there are various types of training which revolve around the fitness components. These are : Aerobic endurance Muscular endurance Speed Flexiblity Strength body composition Agility Balance Co-ordination Power Reaction time two common methods are Continuous training and Circuit training.

What are the 5 different types of training used for training in netball?

well there is weight training, fartlek,continuous, interval , circuit, flexibility and weight

What types of training elicits the GREATEST increase in the size and number of mitochondria in a skeletal muscle fiber?

circuit resistance training

What's the name of a good Fitness forum?

A good Fitness forum is the John Stone Fitness forum located at It has many different sub-forums dedicated to different types of Fitness -- such as Strength Training and fat loss.

How many hours do footballers practice a day?

Footballers do different types of training during the day: weight training, fitness training or just basic training with a football. Most footballers train for about 5 hours a day.

How does online fitness training work?

Online fitness training works by a person keeping an online diary about their goal, diet, types of exercising being done, and how often. Sometimes, there is an online instructor that helps support those that are aiming to achieve to be healthier.

What types of exercises are done at a fitness boot camp?

There are many exercises that are done at a fitness boot camp. Examples of exercises done at a fitness boot camp include dynamic stretching, running, pushups, situps, and interval training.

What are Fitness instructor training classes?

A fitness Instructor, also known as a life coach, is a positive guide who assists clients in achieving their health goals, such as weight loss, improved vitality, better stress control, and more. These fitness coaches also provide online training classes or you can even visit their YouTube channel for free tips through videos. AdrianaSorgiFitness is a channel dedicated to fitness on YouTube and you can also find some more channels like this for fitness guides.

Types of compound of physical fitness?

compound of physical fitness?

Certifications needed for fitness trainers?

Contact the Department of Health in California for certification requirements in the area you want to fitness train. There are different certification requirements for specific types of fitness training. Sometimes they will let you grandfather into the certification process if you were meeting certification in other states or cities.

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