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Archery completion at the Olympic games allow only one type of bow known as Recurve Limited (that is a Recurve bow with a sight, shot with finger release) according to the NFAA, or simple known as Recurve according to the USAA and NAA. No Compound bows, traditional bows or bare bow division.

The rules are set by the Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc (FITA), the international governing body of the sport.

There are four archery events held at the Olympics: Men's Individual, Women's Individual, Men's Team and Women's Team.
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Q: What types of archery competition are there on the olympic games?
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There are many competitions in archery such as 3D shoots, target competition (most common) Clout archery, Flight Archery. The Olimpic games are comprized of the top shooters from all over the world. During the Olimpics there are many catagories, such as Compound and Recurve. They are broken down in men and Womans catagories. 3D Archery is my favorite and brings in more of the hunter. Usually the Course of targets are set up on a trail, either in the woods or a buildings, and are actual 3D targets made of foam carved out into diffrent animals. If you go to you tube, you can watch a lot of Olimpic Archery shoot off's. The link below describes a few types of competitions that you can compete in.

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