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bamboo is the best for a good flexable board, but if you cant get that maple wood is the second best

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โˆ™ 2012-10-22 18:07:30
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Q: What type of woow do you need for a longboard?
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Is normal plywood good for a longboard?

No, you'll need some stronger type of wood.

What are the best waves to ride a longboard on?

You can use a longboard on any type of wave but gently breaking waves are best.

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Why do you need flex on a longboard?

it's like a shock absorber

6-14=8 wow?


Do you need a helmet for a longboard?

You should wear a helmet when long boarding.

Can skateboard trucks work on a longboard?

yeah, you'll need risers

What are the best type of trucks for longboards?

My personal favorite longboard trucks are Paris trucks.

What are longboard races called?

longboard races

What is the populated city in Germany?

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What goes faster skateboard or longboard?

I believe that longboards travel faster than regular trick boards because I have found that the wheels on the longboard are looser (almost like someone put grease on them). And yes, I do have both types of boards. Also, i do live at the bottom of a big hill so i would probably know. Lastly, you should say ...faster trick board or longboard? because a longboard is a type of skate board.

What size longboard does a 150cm person need?

somthing like a original apex 37

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What is the difference between a longboard and a short longboard?

about 10 inches

What longboard holds the land speed record?

its not the longboard...its the longboarder

How do you do a powerslide on a longboard?

To do a powerslide on a longboard is almost impossible because there is no kicktail. If you could do one I would admire you and you would change the world of longboard skating.

Ano ang telang pinya?

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Do you need riser pads for longboards?

Because it will help prevent cracks on your longboard. It will separate the trucks and board

What is the fastest longboard?

It's not the longboard that goes fast, it's the rider and the hill. Idiot.

Where are silverfish longboard manufactured?

Silverfish isn't a longboard manufacturer, they are a longboarding website/forum.

What type of longboard is best for nose manuals and shuvits?

If your looking a longboard that does some tricks then findone that have a design like a skateboard so you can do tricksthat are more simple but if you are looking for a longboardthat can do things like varials then there isn't one that exists.

What are the disadvantages of using a cheap longboard?

The disadvantages of using a cheap longboard are that they tend to be made of stiffer wood and when you ride the longboard there is no give or flexibility which gives a very unstable ride.

What is the maximun weight a longboard can hold?

This question is very broad. This depends on the construction, length, width, and shape of the specific longboard. A bamboo or maple longboard will not be as strong as a longboard that is reinforced with carbon fiber or fiberglass layers. A shorter longboard will be less prone to breaking because it will be stiffer. Just research the materials, length, and shape to see approximately how strong a specific board is.