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The type of wood you use in the construction of your cue will determine whether the cue will be softer hitting or harder hitting. For instance, Ebony and Cocobolo produce a similar hitting cue - hard rather than soft. Rosewood makes for a softer hitting cue. A cue made from Bocote will fall somewhere between.

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Q: What type of wood is the best for pool cues?
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What the different between pool cue and Billiard cue?

Considering the size difference in the balls used in Pool and Billiards, Pool cues usually are made out of maple wood and come fitted with 13mm tip while Billiard cues are usually made out of Ash wood and come fitted with 8.5mm tips.

What is Best material for pool cover?

Any type of material that is A) Thick B) Make sure the material is an not made of any type of Insulator like paper or wood C) The best type of pool cover that keeps your pool warm and clean is better off to be a plastic cover.

What is Joss Cue most know for?

Joss Cue most likely refers to the company "Joss Cues" which specializes in pool cues and their accessories. Joss Cues sells cues made of different quality wood and come in several colors. One can also design their own custom cue with a service on their official website.

What is the difference in pool cues between fiberglass and wood?

The big differences are cost, lifespan, and workmanship. Fiberglass cues are generally high volume production cues and are therefore very cheap. Fiberglass cues generally will not warp. Fiberglass cues cannot have any intricate designs or workmanship (what you see is what you get), and generally will never be worth as much as their purchase price as a used cue. Wood cues cannot be made as quickly as fiberglass and therefore usually will usually cost more. Well made wood cues can last a lifetime if properly maintained, but require care. Wood cues can have a wide range of workmanship, with the above average cues typically inceasing in value as they get older. The action of the tip and shaft on contact is much different between different wood cue designs, and different again with fiberglass - this requires getting used to the difference for anything other than a straight on shot. The feel and playability is very different between fiberglass and wood and many experienced players will not play with a fiberglass cue.

What is the best type of wood to paint?


What is the best type of wood to use for a bow?

Its not really wood but bamboo is the best for a bow.... if you need wood try oak or willow

What materials are used for building swimming pool decks?

Swimming pool decks can be made out of three materials. These include wood, composite wood and concrete. If your design is great, either of these materials can make your pool look amazing. The type of wood most commonly used are treated pine, cedar and redwood.

What is the best wood type to look for when buying blinds?

There are several different type of wood blinds, oak, maple, and cherry wood all seem to look nice but it's best to find the wood that you like most.

What type of wood is best for boat making?

The most

What is the best type of wood chips for gerbils?

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Are full splice pool cues better?

Full splice cues are not necessarily better, but they are a more traditional way of making a pool cue. You will hear many people claim that a pool cue shoots better because it is full splice or that a cue plays like a one piece. Most bar cues are one piece full splice pool cues, but don't always play the greatest. The truth of a pool cue is that any pool cue can play great regardless of it's construction technique as long as it has been crafted with quality as a priority. Full splice cues are usually only produced by custom cue makers these days, because they are more time consuming and expensive to produce by mass production cue companies. It is much easier to let a cnc machine carve out a cue then it is to cut actual splice points. From a wood stand point, it is cheaper to use small pieces of wood with good grain to fill those cnc machined inlay points as opposed to finding large pieces of wood with acceptable grain to make a full spliced cue. The wood that it would take to make one full splice cue can produce many nice looking cnc machined inlays. I think that full splice cues are outstanding because of the construction technique and increasing rarity of them. As far as their playability goes, if it is made with quality it will play as good as any other quality cue you have used. Don't let the price or name fool you about a good pool cue. Most of what you pay for are the number of inlays, splices, materials used, and the name that come with the cue.

How much does a pool table weigh?

Usually a pool table weighs around 500-1000 pounds, depending on the length, type of wood and slate used.

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