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This is very good question. Usually the wooden decks are made out of maple, but story doesn't end there. The best wood material for decks is Canadian Rock Maple, but only few manufacturers make them. If the top layer of deck is stained in color you can be 90% sure sure, that it's regular maple, if maple at all, and the deck will wear out much faster then Canadian maple. I know that Element, Almost, Reinbe and Baker uses high quality Canadian maple, that will long last and provide much greater pop then usual maple or other wood.

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Q: What type of wood is a skateboard deck made of?
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What type of wood is a skateboarding deck made out of?

90% of skateboard are made out of Canadian Maple.

What is a skateboard deck made out of?

skateboards are mostly made from Wood or fiberglass

How is a skateboard deck made?

it is made by hand with a wood saw and fieler i think but the walmart and target toys are us thay just cut a peace of wood

How has the skateboard changed?

The deck of the skateboard was plastic and could not hold a lot of weight on it. The trucks on the skateboard were poorly made too! Now they have wood decks and holds lots of weight! The trucks on the board are now made of better materials!

What type of wood should you use to build a skateboard?

Voodoo 13: The industy standard for a deck is 7 ply maple.

How do you make your own skateboard deck?

very carefully you have to be a good wood worker to get the curvature of the wood right.

Deck Restore?

form_title= Deck Restore form_header= Restore your deck. What is the square footage of your deck? What type of wood is the deck made from? What is your budget for a deck restore?

What is the griptapes on a skateboard?

the grip tape in the black sand paper on top of the deck. (The deck is the wood part of the board)

What was the skateboard made from?

Its made from quality wood.

What is a blan skateboard made out of?


How do you connect skateboard wheels to a piece of wood?

If you are talking about wheels to a deck, use trucks.

What type of wood is used to make a skateboard?

Some of the types of wood used to make a skateboard are canadian maple,oak,ash,and willow

What is a skateboard made out of?

A skateboard is made out of multiple layers of ply-wood. 7-Ply skateboard are the most common. The ply is usually made of maple.

What are the parts to a fingerboard skateboard?

It's just a small skateboard, all the parts are there.... deck, trucks, wheels, hardware... The only difference is the materials, plastic instead of wood...

What kind of wood does the skateboard company Element use?

They use china wood witch is soft not the beat type of wood

What is a good type of wood to use for building a deck?

Cedar is the type of wood you should build for your deck because its long last and is good with water repelent.

How do you make some thing to skateboard on?

If your going to make a skateboard you have to use any kind of wood that would be strong enough to pull a trick of. But what I have seen from a skateboard its made up from at least seven pieces of thin wood. It doesnt have to be the same kind of wood it could be all kinds wood.

The Simplicity of a Wood Deck?

There is something lovely and simple about a beautiful, solid wood deck. This type of deck is still popular because they look great over long periods of time and are not expensive to build. You can stain or seal a wood deck to create the finish that you desire. Make sure that you choose a type of wood that you like when selecting the lumber for your wood deck. Some varieties are more expensive but worth the cost because of their durability and beauty.

What is a skateboard deck made of?

Usually there made out of wood. The best quality decks are made from Canadian maple. Sometimes there made out of bamboo. Alot of companies out there now construct there decks with materials like carbon fiber and texlium to help the decks have more pop and to last longer with out breaking.

What type of wood is best for building a deck?

The best type of wood for building a deck would be pressure treated pine, it helps prevent rot and repels pests. It may be a little more costly but it sure does the job and its beautiful looking wood.

Which skateboard is better plastic or wood?

Definetely wood

What minerals make up a skateboard?

a skateboard is maple wood and glue

How much kg does a skateboard weigh?

It depends on the skateboard, if it has more layers it may be heavier, if you buy one which is not made of maple wood it may be lighter or heavier.

What are some good elevated deck plans?

If you want a good elevated deck it needs to be made out of some good wood. It has to be sealed right and probably made out of oak or cherry wood. Maybe Hickory.

What minerals are in a skateboard?

? wood

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